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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by EpicE90 View Post
In all honesty, it doesn't have as good of road feel as my BMW did, however I dont have the track package ,BUT the people who dooo rave about it! Plus on the 2011 Mustangs the track package equipment will become standard so i believe if you are interested in seeing what it feels like do yourself a favor ,and test drive a 2011 5.0 when it comes out. Other then that , I find it to be a MUCH funner car. My BMW felt like it had a sewing machine motor, and it never gave me that " I GOTTA GO DRIVE" feeling, where in this car i CONSTANTLY make useless trips just to hear the exhaust note. Also ill be the first to admit that mustangs in the past had garbage materials on the interior, however I find that in the 2010's Ford really wised up and placed some good materials in there, soft touch dash , one piece instrument panel, aluminum accents , interior lighting , etc. All in all, I dont look back for a second getting rid of my BMW for this. Plus i like to modify my cars,and the aftermarket for this car is ridiculous, and everything is reasonably priced. Hope this helps
Noice. Yeah, I've sat in the new GTs. The materials are pretty good for the mostpart, except for the inside of the cupholders and storage bins, but I don't really care.

The steering is what's concerning me. I have a feeling that the track pack will be a must. I've always love the exhaust. Can't wait to hear the 5.0's. Thanks for the quick write-up.
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