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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
Boot skins without frames cost a lot less than complete boots. And, they terminate with a neck so it's a little cleaner than if you just cut and zip tie the stock boot.
It's just as clean man, as all leather boots fold inward at the top. Mine looks like it came from the factory, and I butchered it too . But I took the time to make a 'neck' the size of the knob's base, and make 2 notches to bury the zipties' heads installed backwards so the 'neck' is smooth all around .

The bottom line is you have to pay almost the same amount of money to go back to stock sooner or later, since LeatherZ's boot costs almost as much as the whole stock knob/boot assembly from Tischer. So better later folks, since most likely you'd never go back to stock . Plus I doubt LeatherZ's boot is as nice as stock, which matches the car perfectly. Just saying.