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Thanks so much for everyone's kind words, advices and checking

Originally Posted by M3_LIN View Post
RED & RED! just like mine! :P

nice wheels!

Ed Lin
Ha, Im not as baller as you do lo buddy

Originally Posted by Lemans_Blue_M View Post
Guess which one I voted for...
Damn, those looks so hot.

Originally Posted by xxe92xx View Post
wow i never liked bbs....but those wheels are perfect
Really??? Why? I have always wanted a BBS wheels, but nvr get enough for it. Haha, now dream come true. Thanks for the comment.

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That's some good looking BBS Wheels..... =)
Thanks buddy, a great vendor's words mean a lot.

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i know everyone says take off the tint on the rearlights, but i think if you lessened the amount of tint your whole car would look much sleeker, I had tints on my lights as well and ended up taking them off. As for the RS-GT's, they look amazing and much better than your past rims!
Thanks so much for the advices and kind words~ I really do like the front tint, but not the rear. The rear looks too dark to me. Since I got the tint for FREE and I promise to kept it up for advertise purpose, so....

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I wish I knew you needed caps ... I got a few sets!!
Really I just ordered a set of the brand new one from Japan. They are so expensive for just a cap