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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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wow guys- this has gotten out of hand!

It seems that there is a lot of 'craziness' being said about me and UUC right now. In this post, hopefully I can clear the air.

First off- I am not here to scam anyone! that is pure crazy talk. I am not hiding- Everyone knows where I work- If you want to speak with me, Call the shop and ask for me! I love talking about cars with you.

Im here in complete honesty.

To start, my initial post did not say anything about the milled front wheels. That was a complete oversight on my part when posting the thread. That information was something that was supposed to be in the description of the wheels and I cant believe I left that out! That is totally my fault and I was not aware of that until recently.

To say that these wheels do not fit on a stock suspension M3 is completely ridiculous and IMPOSSIBLE. How could I have run these wheels on my 2008 m3 sedan with RD sport springs and NO spacers for 2 track day weekends with zero problems? I can see how they might not fit on an m3 with coil overs but not with the stock suspension. If they were rubbing on my car, then the wheels and tires should show large rubbing and wear marks on the insides. These wheels have been on my car at 150mph atleast 30 times!

Regarding the hub centric rings- I am clueless as to how 2 of them went missing. As soon as Don told me they were missing-I turned UUC upside down looking for them with no luck. I told Don that I would find some hub rings and send them out to him immediately. I am STILL trying to find some hub rings with a 79.5 outer diameter and a 72.56 inside diameter. Currently there are ZERO companies out there sell this size hub ring. I am being forced to have a set custom machined for me which is costing the same price as one of the wheels and tires.

Don- I would like to apologize publicly to you. Im sorry. I really am, but this transaction took a turn for the worse really quickly. I appreciate you looking out for your fellow M3 owners by posting this- It sucks to be me right now but please understand that I am here and not hiding from you.

If anyone can point me to some 79.5/72.56 hub rings then please let me know!

I really hate writing this but keeping with my transparency, I cannot afford to give Don a refund. I have had some medical problems over the last 5 months that are not looking so good for me I am having a hard time paying for the medical bills and could even force me to sell my car. It really really sucks! but I dont have a lot of choices right now.

Section 2-

Regarding people calling me dishonest about this UUC short shifter and DSSR problem, that really hurts! It hurts a lot actually. With that said, I totally agree with you at this point and I can see where you would think this. I think about it every day! The reason why you have seen my posts on the DSSR threads is because I am a bmw car nut that owns an e9x m3 and I WANT TO HELP EVERYONE I CAN!!!!!! Im just like you guys! I have been asked by my employer and to NOT post on these message boards about our products since we are NOT vendors. I have also gotten in trouble from the e90post Admins for this. All im trying to do is help everyone I can and I am being told not to.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I DO NOT MAKE THE DECISIONS AROUND HERE! UUC Motorwerks is not my business. I do not call the shots. Im the 'new guy' Ive worked here since June 2009. If you do not see me post in certain threads, its because Ive been asked, at this time, not to!

The fact that fellow M3 owners do not like our products saddens me. I want to do everything I can to help provide an awesome product for these awesome cars.

I sincerely respect everyone here and I dont want things like this ruining my name and wasting everyone's time.

If everyone wants me banned, then I understand.