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Originally Posted by Chi-town expat View Post
Hi there,

Could anyone tell me if there are any differences between the software/hardware of US spec M3's vs Euro spec?

I'm temporarily living in the US and would like to buy an E92 M3 somewhere in the near future to take it with me to the Netherlands when I return. I have checked with my BMW dealer in the Netherlands what adjustments I'd have to make and he says that they can adjust the lights to make it compliant with Dutch regulation, but that BMW in the NL would not be able to do any software/programming related work.

Is this true? Or are they just being tough as they don't like the fact that I'm importing a car for which I paid half of what you'd pay in the NL? Could anyone tell me where I can find the right info about this?

Thanks a lot!
I just went trough on all this sh.t...
I have a US spec M3 here in Germany...First of all was a problem whit registering a car because the headlight,and the "mil" on the dash board..
This "mil" light in the US calld "service engine soon".I had to prove them that,they are the same...After this they just accept the headlights also:-))
I find out the US cars changing the frequency on radio every 0.2 MHz,the European 0.1 MHz.So the car can't receiving traffic info....I ordered a new European CIC ,also EU. lightmodul,and EU instrument combi ...
Then after we just find out,non of them I needed...1 guy in Austria,solved the
problems just for 400...1 thing never will be work on my car:BMW online services...US cars don't have 1 part,some communication module.The wire is in the car,but even if I install 1,will not communicating whit US spec.
Now the radio,the headlights work as a European one!!