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Originally Posted by corrupt23jj View Post
So if the car has an MSRP of $70k, and after the 24 month lease BMW predicts it will be 55% = $38.5k, then demand at that time will likely be north of the 24 month residual which is what you mean by pocketing cash?
more or less, yes... it's actually a 36 month lease though... but still, say you pick up a 2010, after three years your residual is roughly $36-$38k, if you took care of your car, the miles aren't ridiculous, and depending on the options that you have on your car, you could in theory, turn around and sell the M before lease end, and depending on where you live, and depending on the state of the economy, you should be able to pocket some cash... used 08's are going around 50K right now, give or take a couple of thousand...

this was more of a sure thing before the economy took a nosedive...