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There was internationl intel that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, however, why did the US and UK attack Iraq when the UN said it was a bad idea and discouraged it? Kind of bully situation no? Don't get me wrong, Saddam was no saint, and did massacre thousands...but to say "screw you, other countries of the world", we are going in no matter what you think or say, is Rambo'ish no? This was Bush's doing, there should have been a American National poll regarding attacking Iraq. Hey dosen't bush own a part of Halliburton? Power, greed, oil, all masked behind political excuses. Come on people of America, vote this president out of office already. The sea of Democrats thats promising at least.
Bush is a powerful leader, so much so, that Canada's Prime Minister has engaged us into war in Afghanistan. We are so damn stupid as Canadians, that our troops are dieing and there's no damn oil there! I'm truly surprised there are still well educated people supporting this leader, to be honest.

Back on topic, what to do about the Iraq situation. Not an easy question. The political bond with the current leader is solidified, hoorah, cheap oil for a very long time. Halliburton stock up substantially, yipee, we are all rolling in the wealth. Cut and run? what if the current government is overthrown? Oh no, cheap oil, poof. Answer....we cant cut and run! Thus more money for Halliburton, yipee! I don't think they will cut and run, and its not due to the political answer we are getting from Washington thats for sure.

Utopia what the hell is that?

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