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Originally Posted by FastBimmer335 View Post
Daniel@themodcity has been on this forum for several years. I known him for a while now, and he is an extremely helpful person. I bought wheels from him in the past and he has always been great. I have iconz wheels too, and owned tons of other brands as well. My wheels weighed around 26.5 pounds, for 19 inch as well, which is a weight I am very pleased with.

Daniel@themodcity, if you look around this forum, has tons of customers all that ordered iconz wheels that are extremely happy and he probably has the most positive feedback on this entire forum. I say this because Dan has always helped me in the past and I actually have been screwed over by other vendors, which I dont want to mention any names. So I am very pleased with themodcity and will continue to support them.

I had have great experiences with Dan and ICONZ as well. On top of that my friend as well who is not on this forum, but never had a problem.

Definitely A+ for Modcity and ICONZ in my book