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Holy fart can exhaust. Any way to "tone down" the muffler in to some attractive tipes or something? I always thought canister style exhausts ruined the looked of otherwise attractive cars. JMHO
Yep a nice flatblack flowmaster universal exhaust. In my younger days Montreal police cracked down on all aftermarket mufflers so people started using rattle canned Flowmasters or puting ITR mufflers on B18B-GSR teg's.

But being honest I kind still like these fart can on scoobys...well not everyday but sometimes. The only reason why it kind of looks out of place on that 240sx it because it's sitting kind of high and there is no aftermarket back bumper. Honestly I don't care the car has some go and good parts so it doesn't bother me too much.
Originally Posted by corneredbeast
An engine from a Z06 Corvette. A differential from a Vespa. Damn

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Its because a lot of BMW owners are housewives or business professionals and know little about cars other than BMW's are a status symbol in their own circles so that have to have one. But exotic car owners know cars, that's why they are willing to spend for a killer car and they know something different when they see one.