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Originally Posted by FastBimmer335 View Post
Daniel@themodcity has been on this forum for several years. I known him for a while now, and he is an extremely helpful person. I bought wheels from him in the past and he has always been great. I have iconz wheels too, and owned tons of other brands as well. My wheels weighed around 26.5 pounds, for 19 inch as well, which is a weight I am very pleased with.

Daniel@themodcity, if you look around this forum, has tons of customers all that ordered iconz wheels that are extremely happy and he probably has the most positive feedback on this entire forum. I say this because Dan has always helped me in the past and I actually have been screwed over by other vendors, which I dont want to mention any names. So I am very pleased with themodcity and will continue to support them.
I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience with Dan and Iconz wheels. Unfortunately, I have not. I was promised wheels in the "mid 20s" then bought to extreme lightweight package that I was promised reduced the weight by 3-4 lbs per wheel. However, the wheels I received weigh 29-31 lbs.

When the dispute is settled I may offer the dispute package for any forum member to review. It contains each and every word exchanged between Dan and myself. It is quite revealing and I'm sure will open a lot of people's eyes to the experience I have had.