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Originally Posted by bmwbenz0101 View Post
Everyone talks about the fact that we shouldn't be in Iraq in the first place and that it was a dumb war. At this moment in time..after the information we know, it is obvious that the reasons we went were not worht the rewards. Yet we cannot forget. All the info and intel said Iraw had weapons of mass destruction. If you want to believe the bull that Bush lied, go ahead but he didn't. Intelligence all over the world was the same, he didn't lie. It was a smart move, when you think about it. Iraq has tons of oil, Hussien is easy to take out, its at the center of the Middle East, and it gives us lots of power in the region. We are in for a long battle guys, Iraq is just one of the stops on this long war. Iran is next, then lebanon, then north korea. This war will continue for 50 years at least. It is not a war of countries, but a war of ideology. People do not seem to realize how dangerous these islamic extremists are. The problem is that they aren't afraid to die, and will fight dirty. The war in iraq is not a war. Its a bunch of muslim gangs fighting eachother over differences in religions. THere are no uniformed soilders, there are no rules, these people will kill anyone to get anything done. That is the danger. Until these people learn to love their childern more than they hate their enemies, they will continue to fight. If we don't stop the movement now, our children will, and the circumstances will be much worse. Now Bush, hes not the greatest president, but he is not nearly as bad as everyone believes. Unemployment is at an all time low, the stock market is doing great,and we cut the deficit in half. Yet hundreds of people die everyday in Iraq and there seems no end to this in the future. People are impatient. The US government took a decade to form, and changes are still bing made in our law system today. A successful government cannot be created in just a few years. It takes time. While I hate to see the numbers of troops die everyday, I thank g-d that its happening now and not later. There is no democratic solution to this problem guys. They don't want to make deals. They want us to die, for Israel to die, and for Western Civilization to die. Unfortunately, we have to fight these people. Whats so ironic to me is that after reading many books on Islam, I have found that it is an extremely peaceful religion. Unfortunately the extremists have given Islam as a representation of being a violent religion which it is not.
1 Q for you -- was all that intel ever shown to the public??? I would like to see it all, where not only US and UK intel points to the WMD but also other intel services. Otherwise, I don't believe a word GWB says...