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Originally Posted by 325 Baller View Post
We all would like to believe that we have the upperhand on terrorists, but the reality is we will always be one step or in line with them and to be quite frank, thats not good enough. I dont know if it will ever be possible to be ahead of them unless we eliminate them, and IMO that is the only real way to guarantee our protection and freedom in this country. I know most of you dont agree with the reasons we were told we went to Iraq, but I am almost certain all of you agree that removing these terror cells or at least the heads of these terror groups and countries is a must on keeping this country and our allies countries safe from more and (god forbid) possibly worse attacks.

My biggest concern is actually that we're constantly behind them. 9-11 happened, then we decided to do almost Israel-like airport checks. Should have been done much before.
Then that freak tried to light up his shoes...we then, and only after that made everyone take their shoes off...
That is no intelligence work. My 2-year-old knows if something hurts her the first time not to touch it any more...