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Originally Posted by Dan in PA View Post
Thanks for the advice, guys. My doc says that my weight isn't low enough to be worrying about health problems, but I'm still really close to being underweight. I mean I look really, really skinny. I'm gonna try to eat organic foods when possible, I notice a significant different in taste between organic and processed foods. I'm gonna start looking for an affordable (<$600) home gym for some exercise as well.
Check out Power Block:

I have a set of the 'classic' 5-50 (it was a gift from Mrs. JKP1187,) from a local exercise equipment specialty store, G&G Fitness. That plus a bench from a local sporting goods store and the total cost was probably around $400.00. It's great if you have a small apartment (as I did at the time,) I set it up in my bedroom, and it'll take up very little space. If you're interested in this sort of space-saving kit, make sure that it is expandable, so you can add weights to it later as your budget allows.