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Originally Posted by jordanfox View Post
Hi everyone.
I am looking for a new exhaust which is quieter than eisenmann race but louder than stock. Thinking to get Akrapovic slip on system on my M3(full evolution system is beyond my budget for now), wondering how loud it is compared to stock exhaust. Anyone has any ideas or even a video? (I can only find clips of full system on youtube)
post a pic of my car here to encourage you guys to reply, haha
It is always hard to compare systems just by a utube video!
You should contact:


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Just installed my Akrapovic evolution... This exhaust is Incredible!

I live in canada after 200km I have no CEL light. Are canadian cars more like European cars in terms of emissions or will I get CEl soon like US cars? Thanks.

Thanks a lot

He should be in your area - of course he has the full system, but at least you have an impression then