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Originally Posted by my92 View Post
I would say healthy weight gain could be done by gaining muscle so you might want to try bulking up by hitting the gym and drinking protein to complement your workouts...
Originally Posted by memphis2012 View Post
but be careful with all that protein and take milk thistle. it's easy to manipulate your body, but it's something unique, so be careful with just doing what everyone else says or does, a visit to a nutritionist will help pinpoint your exact diet.
What's the milk thistle do? I read it supports liver health and helps to reduce oxidation of liver cells, does protein damage the liver in high doses?

Originally Posted by jkp1187 View Post
Just wait 20 years, I'm sure you'll have gained all the weight you wanted, and more!

Originally Posted by jkp1187
Seriously, though, I wouldn't focus on gaining weight per se. Your doctor has said your weight is fine for your body. If you're interested in improving health, join a gym or buy your own weight set and begin a serious strength training program. Increasing muscle mass will increase your weight (all else being equal). Don't necessarily expect to become a massive muscle-bound hulk or anything, that sort of thing is controlled mostly by genetics. But it's always a good idea to engage in strength training if you can handle it.

In an ideal world, consult a strength trainer and nutritionist to help you plan your exercise/diet plan. (If you're in school, this sort of thing may be available for free or at a nominal cost.)

Thanks for the advice, guys. My doc says that my weight isn't low enough to be worrying about health problems, but I'm still really close to being underweight. I mean I look really, really skinny. I'm gonna try to eat organic foods when possible, I notice a significant different in taste between organic and processed foods. I'm gonna start looking for an affordable (<$600) home gym for some exercise as well. I did pick up some non-GMO soy protein powder, I'm wondering if whey protein would be better?

I believe my insurance fully covers visits to a nutritionist if I have a referral from my primary care physician so I'm gonna look into that.
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