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In all honesty, it doesn't have as good of road feel as my BMW did, however I dont have the track package ,BUT the people who dooo rave about it! Plus on the 2011 Mustangs the track package equipment will become standard so i believe if you are interested in seeing what it feels like do yourself a favor ,and test drive a 2011 5.0 when it comes out. Other then that , I find it to be a MUCH funner car. My BMW felt like it had a sewing machine motor, and it never gave me that " I GOTTA GO DRIVE" feeling, where in this car i CONSTANTLY make useless trips just to hear the exhaust note. Also ill be the first to admit that mustangs in the past had garbage materials on the interior, however I find that in the 2010's Ford really wised up and placed some good materials in there, soft touch dash , one piece instrument panel, aluminum accents , interior lighting , etc. All in all, I dont look back for a second getting rid of my BMW for this. Plus i like to modify my cars,and the aftermarket for this car is ridiculous, and everything is reasonably priced. Hope this helps