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Originally Posted by footie View Post
The real question is whether you want to be quick or just have a lot of fun and hone your driving skill. If it's option 2 then I would be incline to pick something relatively light and lowish in power output, that means easy on tyres, easy on brakes and reasonably easy on the drivetrain. It will also keep you out of trouble as entry speeds will not be scary quick but will also teach you the valuable art of maintaining speed through the corners to try and keep up.

I reckon the Miata (MX5) would be the ideal choice, it's a Mazda so will be reliable, it's rwd which is a basic requirement you were looking, it's light so will produce less wear and tear and it's got a relatively low PTW so will teach you the importance of maintaining speed at all times, plus it will throw the tail if you just want a day of fun.

The other bonus of this option is the numerous amount of clubs to join and get the perfect kit to transform your street car to trackday special on a budget.

The ideal car in my mind.
It's like you read my mind. Exactly why I want a Miata for a toy, they're not so blindingly fast I have to worry about putting it sideways at 130+ mph. Plus being a convertible they're fun to cruise around town in nice weather. Maybe my fiance would finally learn to drive a stick if I got one of those. My cars are too fast for her...especially the STi.