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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
When I asked the question of shorter stopping distances, I was thinking along the lines that bias could be sent more towards the rear with an aftermarket kit. I felt this difference with my stoptechs on my 350Z. In fact, the stock rears wore out much faster when I put on the front stoptech's which validates this assumption.

I just read the description of the PFC big brake kit on Bimmerworld and they actually mention more rear bias and shorter stopping distances so it looks like I'm on to something..

I'm not so sure I felt the same as you that I was outbraking anyone in the M3. I felt that the stopping distance was kind of long and that I didn't have the stability that I would have liked. Maybe it's the fact that I was coming from a lighter car with brake upgrades, or maybe because I was getting to much higher speeds before the brake zones. I have to brake a the 3 and 4 marker rather than the 2 and 3 marker of my Z.

For me the weak link on the M3 is the rotors cracking. Not really much fade since I'm using proper race pads and fluid. Come to think of it, pre-ducting I used to throw my old stoptech rotors away because of cracking long before I wore them out. After ducting, the cracking was reduced enough to acutally wear out the rotors. Seems like I'm treading that same fine line with the stock rotors. Ducting will hopefully be all I need.
You have a point about the rear bias. I meant to write, "I doubt that the stopping distances will be significantly reduced", not "I significantly doubt...", so it is a matter of what you consider to be significant and what you are doing with the car exactly. For just tooling around in HPDEs, I don't see any issues in terms of stopping distances. I wasn't outbraking everyone or anything, but I was outbraking, or at least keeping up with, most cars in the advanved groups in the braking zones; E46 M3s, 911S, C6, etc. Many people get on the brakes too early and softly...

I am sure stopping distances will decrease somewhat with suspension and other traction upgrades, but the question is around cost/benefit for me. I might move up to a BBK eventually, and I'm sure I'd like it, but is it worth the $6k at this time? Not for me...

But it seems like anyone who reads a negative post/thread on the brakes is jumping on the "I need a BBK on the track" wagon, which sounds overdone to me.