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Originally Posted by KANdaddy View Post
I guarantee that when the ///M 1 series is released and all the bugs worked out....that it will become the flagship ///M. It is more in line with the traditional M spirit that the e30 M3 established.
It's a distinct possibility, although I do wonder if the M1 will take over the position currently held by the M3 in motorsports. Despite the M3's growing size, it still provides the platform for homolongation for a number of race series. If that role is kept in tact with the F32, it could continue to be the central focus of the M Division.

I should add, also keep in mind the E89 M1 will be a very short run. The F2x 1 series should arrive in 2013 or so, and thus the first generation M1 might not have a lot of momentum. With the second generation product, however, this should change.
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