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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
Oh well. Thanks for following up.

Does that mean that style 359M wheels are going to be 19x8.5f and 19x9.5r? Someone just yesterday mentioned that they might be 19x9f and 19x10r.

This gels with the M1 news from this morning. Apparently BMW will be releasing the car in a wide variety of color options, including several matte ones. It seems like BMW has embraced the matte look wholeheartedly -- a bold move from a mainstream auto manufacturer.

Thanks for all of this info, Mark.
No problem, saw the M1 color info right after I posted so probably sooner than later for the matte paint.

As for the wheels...they WILL be wider - 9" front, 10" rear which is another reason why I wasn't following BMW's reasoning for the Pirelli tires. But again, I lost that fight. No matter, I love the GTS style wheels, what I've wanted since I started this trek a year ago. A part of my specs include the black GTS wheels but they're not going into production until June. And I can't wait any longer (two more months would kill me) so they're giving me the silver GTS wheels as a part of the Comp. Pkg and then sending me the black set later. Thought that was fantastic of them to offer and it'll solve my summer/winter tire dilemma (we need such things as winter tires here unfortunately). Best of both worlds I guess.

Take care - Mark