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Originally Posted by jimmy330xi View Post
I am taking True Mass and Animal Pack, they are working very well. I did some reading and found a better product, is called Synthrax Nectar, according to Bodybuilding .com is rated 20/20 for flavor and effects. I just got my order in but still have a few more days till I am finished with the true mass to switch to the Synthrax Nectar. Will see if it really is a better product. Hospitals use it, they get the non flavored one. If health professionals give it to their patients then that brings some peace of mind and makes me feel better about taking it.
Bolded for teh lulz.
True mass is a high calorie weight gainer with fat, carbs, and protein; nectar is a protein powder. Two totally different products. How exactly do you plan on determining if one is "better" than the other? Despite what the companies selling the products tell you, protein powder is protein powder, and as long as you're buying from a reputable company, none is any better than the other. Chances are it's all sourced from the same wholesaler anyway, only difference being the label on the jug.

Syntrax nectar is just protein powder. You won't notice the slightest "effect" from it unless you're undereating now. And by switching from true mass to nectar, you'll actually be eating less unless you adjust calories elsewhere in the diet. So if weight gain or strength increase is your goal, progress will slow. You would get literally the exact same if not better results from eating whole food.

Nectar is one of the best tasting protein powders I've come across though.