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Originally Posted by AP Racing - Chris_B View Post
While no aftermarket brake company will "guarantee" their components can never be overheated (you or I could kill any of them in less than 30 minutes if either of us was immature enough to want to do so), major manufacturers with a long history and a solid reputation will stand behind their product. It is no different with these. The great thing about choosing a manufacturer who is dominant in racing, some of the new developments do make it into the aftermarket parts. For one example, the seal materials now used in the AP Racing road calipers are the same as what was used in professional racing just 5 years ago. Also, AP Racing supplies many OE manufacturers, so they are very familiar with concerns over warranty claims. They have been around that block many, many times.

All that said, I have seen very little in the way of "cooked" components over the years, especially over the last 3 years. Most of which were related to incorrectly adjusted brake pedal or master cylinders, pad fitment problems or installation issues. The rare cases which were related to manufacturing or quality issues were resolved -- after all, nobody is perfect. That doesn't mean someone can't cook these, but there is sufficient thermal capacity to handle serious track days without worry. Aside from that, I am very comfortable in having you get feedback from people already using them as opposed to relying on what I'm telling you.

Front: AP Racing (ref.) - CP3894D51, Mintex - 1850, Ferodo - FRP3054, Hawk - HB122x.710.

Rear: AP Racing (ref.) - CP6600D55, Mintex - 2207, Ferodo - FRP3083.

There are plenty more as both of these shapes have been around for a while, so your favorite pad manufacturer can use these numbers to find a cross.

Thanks Chris,

Thanks for the info.
Local support means a great deal ---

I'm still on the fence between the StopTech Trophy 4-pot 355mm kit..... and yours
I had a chance to look @ the StopTech Trophy kit at the race track last weekend ... it was very impressive, super-lightweight & forged.
Your kit wins in the rotor size, rotor design & 2 extra pistons .......

Now if I could only have the best of both worlds.... hmmmm