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Originally Posted by 325 Baller View Post
Its by no means a "great accomplishment" not to have terror atacks in 5.5 years, thats what the government is supposed to do, but in this day and age terrorists are using more conventional means to try to attack us. On that note, adapting to these means and foiling them is an accomplishment in its own respect. Yes some are going to argue, thats what the FBI/CIA is supposed to do, but think about it this way; the terrorists have the upper hand. They are the ones who are creating these new terror tactics and it is our job to find them and foil them. That there is the big accomplishment. It shows that our Federal Gov has gained some of the inter-department communication that analysts and former gov't officials said we had lost around the 9/11 time.

Doug, I hope you're completely right and that it will never happen.
However, I sincerely doubt it...