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Originally Posted by 325 Baller View Post
Thank you ganeil, I didnt have time to put these facts together, but I personally think the most important thing here is "No terrorist attacks on US Soil since 9/11." Everyone says this war is unjust, the GWB blows he cant find his way out of a paper bag, but obviously he is doing something right. Taking out Sadam and preventing attacks on our country mean nothing right? Its not worth fighting any more people. We are entitled to our opinions and thats basically all these are. Just remember, 2040, thats the big year for me!
You have my vote then...
In a mean time...why is it such a great accomplishment not to have the terrorist attack in 5.5 years??? We've done it before, why is this now so great??? What did you expect -- the 9-11 to happen every month?
Ah, yes, I get it, the GWB played that FEAR card on us and now everyone thinks the terrorists will act on weekly basis...