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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
First of all, the problems you list are exactly why I created the Dyno Database. It allows you to compare apples-to-apples. Secondly, the problems you list are exactly why SAE-1349 correction standard was created. Go ahead, look over my DynoDB, there's over 120 entries in it. Find those anomalies you're talking about.
I like the DataBase you have put together. Lots of great information there. I also like the fact that you have separated the different Dynos that measure the information. Nice job!

Still not a big Dyno fan as a way of expressing performance. Like I have stated before the difference between two of the exact same model dyno can be statistically significant. Two dynos(same model) same day runs, off by 35rwhp is significant.

Dyno statistics can identify performance levels. Horsepower stats is creating an idea of the type of performance an auto should put down. Where as track times are the actual performance an auto puts down. I very much agree the actual numbers will very greatly. However this type of performance validation can never be taken away.