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Originally Posted by euro View Post
I have the full race exhaust: HFC option AND the non-HFC pipes. The non-cat pipes are still wrapped in bubble wrap...

Its not coated and has about 350 miles on it, never in the snow/salt, NO CODES. It was installed, cleaned with brake clean and pipes wiped down with WD-40 before it was started.

(Never touched the cans or tips with it, just wiped those with brake clean. WD-40 is an old racer trick for making SS turn a beautiful gold as it gets old and eliminated fingerprints from burning into the finish.)

I'd entertain the idea of selling it all for $3800 + actual shipping cost, I could use the money for some other shit.

Pics ? Did you go for HFC or non HFC on your car ? What are you selling x-pipe catless + Muffler race ?