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Originally Posted by 335i Piotr View Post
I heard that David (one of the owners) drove that car most of the time and took proper care of it and didn't let anyone drive it until 1200 mile break-in service was completed. I also heard that he's very passionate about BMWs and a M-car fanatic, so I felt like the car was taken care of.

If that really WAS his car, I test drove it. The specs, colors, options are dead on the one I drove. Only difference was the one I drove had some SWEEEEEET ACS wheels on it. In fact, that was the car that convinced me to do the Palladium Silver interior.

I agree, with that amount of stuff not disclosed I'd probably have walked too. For what it costs you shoudl be 100% happy with it. FWIW, when I drove it it performed flawlessly.