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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
Unemployment Rate At 4.5 Percent
Was as high as 8% in last 6 years. Still higher than in 1999, but good. You cannot blame GWB for the economy downturn as you cannot cheer him for the low unemployment rate -- cyclical...

Originally Posted by ganeil
Inflation Rate 3.5%
Same over last 10 years...which is good

Real Wages Up 2.5% Over The Past 12 Months

Real After-Tax Income Per Person Up 9.6% Since 2001

Originally Posted by ganeil
Faster GDP Growth Than Any Other G-7 Industrialized Nation Over The Past Four Quarters
True. Our average GDP growth over past 12 months was just over 3%. But who cares about G7. Look at China, Russia, India... (10.7, 6.1 and 8.4% respectively)

Originally Posted by ganeil
Highest Home Ownership Rate Ever Recorded
At the highest DEBT ratio ever. And a lot of those are ARM or Interest only...

[quote=ganeil]60% of American Families Invested in Stock Market

S&P 500 and DJIA At or Near Record Highs

No Terrorist Attacks on US Soil Since 9/11/01

I guess you are right, this really sucks.[quote=ganeil]

Being Invested in the stock market is not necessarily a good thing -- ask Enron people...

It is definitely better that most places (for now), but far from where is could be...