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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
You mean like a dyno? There's definitely more dyno shops around the country than drag strips -- probably at least 25:1 ratio, and virtually nobody has a vBox.

I thought the point of going F/I was to drive the car, not brag about how much power you've got.
The big problem with dynos is there is very little consistency. There are so many variables that one needs to comprehend before you have an idea what the actual power is. Brand of dyno, dyno operator, outside temp, moisture in the air, temp of vehicle, etc. I have heard stories, of people running on the same type machine in two different shop same day, same weather and getting results that are 35rwhp in difference.
Running at the track you look at 60ft times(track prep) and density altitude(power) and you will have a basic knowledge of the performance of the vehicle. Its real easy to gauge vs the different competition of the event as well.

For me going to the track is about the competition and increasing my skill as a driver.