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Originally Posted by aus View Post
Thanks Chris. And the bold part above sounds interesting... if you have the time.
I've probably said too much already...

Originally Posted by aus View Post
Also, didn't you guys also give them a lot of R&D on the ceramic rotors?
Yes. Stillen and AP Racing collaborated very closely on the CCM rotors for the Nissan R35 GT-R. AP has gained a lot of experience with CCM technology with Bugatti, McLaren, Lotus, GTA, Tramontana and others. The GT-R presented a few particular challenges that Stillen was able to help sort out. Proposed solutions were track tested and joint decisions were reached on final specifications. Stillen makes some of the components and AP makes the rest, short of actual carbon-ceramic rotor themselves (they are a joint effort with an advanced supplier). Should the M3 be next???