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Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
I agree about the sunroof. I've had them and almost never use them.

Sat Radio is a good add-on but it won't work until you get back to the States. On the plus side, you still get that free year when you go back.

I haven't tried the Homelink on my garage door yet (car's only been in there for 2 hours) but I'm hoping it'll work.

I didn't do the auto high beams. I could swear that if you do you lose the turning headlights.

Instead of the cwp I just did the heated seats and fold down seats separately for no other reason that I despise the look of the headlight washers. Plus they really don't do much but make a mess of the front end of the car.

I added ZPP because I wanted the folding mirrors (a GREAT idea in Germany)and already decided on leather, carbon leather, and assist is mandatory with BT anyway. ZTP got added because I wanted navi and CA.
yeah i was pretty frustrated with the homelink. i even went over to pressath and they tried for several minutes as well. finally a call to munich confirmed the garage door openers in germany and US of course speak different languages (wrong frequency) at least the garage remote fits in the ashtray with the lid closed.