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Cooking with coconut oil.

I bought a big jar of virgin coconut oil after hearing it is good for you. I have been using it instead of olive oil for certain foods and it tastes pretty good too.

My question is could it be more harmful being that it has a lot of saturated fat. I watched one vid of an M.D. saying it is actually a good saturated fat and much better for you than any other oil. Especially Canola which I used to use when frying. Very rare but I do like fried shrimp.
The problem, I read, is that coconut oil will not stand up to high heat as needed to fry.

With the very cold weather we had here a week or so ago I had a dry scalp. My body is used to humidity I guess.
The vid said to melt some and rub into your scalp/hair and leave on for an hour or so. Worked like a charm.