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Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
In all fairness, a LOT of M3s bumper/fender seams are off. Someone started a thread about it and there were a number of other replies that confirmed they had the issue as well. Scratches into the color coat will require paint or touch up. Depending on the shop it may have been cheaper to paint than touch it up. The oil leak is an issue though. Could be easy, could be a real issue. It IS possible they didn't know about the leak. The paint they're not legally obligated to disclose. You'd be surprised to know how many cars get repaired at the dealership that owners have no clue about.

Now, don't take this as me being overly critical or second guessing your decision, just some hopefully helpful info to use in your continuing search. Given everything combined I'd probably have backed out as well.

I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know if I see a good car for you.

Any specifics you want or don't want?
Thanks. If I was just someone who only buys a car for looks or heard that there is this M3 thing and it's fast, than I most likely wouldn't even care, because I wouldn't pay attention to little details. It didn't bother me that the car had already 5K miles on it. I heard that David (one of the owners) drove that car most of the time and took proper care of it and didn't let anyone drive it until 1200 mile break-in service was completed. I also heard that he's very passionate about BMWs and a M-car fanatic, so I felt like the car was taken care of. I took in consideration the wear and tear and the additional demo discount. However, I didn't expect to find an oil leak and later that the car was repainted, and I was to sign the Damage Report that stated there was no damages during the demo period. This raised the flag and I decided against it, and felt like they weren't telling me everything. To be honest, would you be willing to buy a brand new car knowing that it was repainted for scratches? Most of us wouldn't. Now I'm without my dream car again, and will have to wait until MY2011 is out.
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