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I agree about the sunroof. I've had them and almost never use them.

Sat Radio is a good add-on but it won't work until you get back to the States. On the plus side, you still get that free year when you go back.

I haven't tried the Homelink on my garage door yet (car's only been in there for 2 hours) but I'm hoping it'll work.

I didn't do the auto high beams. I could swear that if you do you lose the turning headlights.

Instead of the cwp I just did the heated seats and fold down seats separately for no other reason that I despise the look of the headlight washers. Plus they really don't do much but make a mess of the front end of the car.

I added ZPP because I wanted the folding mirrors (a GREAT idea in Germany)and already decided on leather, carbon leather, and assist is mandatory with BT anyway. ZTP got added because I wanted navi and CA.