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Originally Posted by autospiel View Post
Loganman, I paid a fixed dollar amount over dealer invoice, so adding the Individual paint color was at invoice (and replaced the upcharge for metallic paint option for SS II), so in round numbers it cost $4000. I actually ordered the car in SS II, then switched to Moonstone, so you could say the decision to go Individual had no impact on the deal.

My friend at the dealer and I spent <30 seconds negotiating price (if you want to call it that). I've purchased or leased umpteen cars from them in the past 15 years, so we have a gentleman's agreement on what constitutes a fair price for both parties. Sure, I could save another $500 or so by spending hours or days hunting, shopping and haggling .. but my time and my relationship with the dealer is important to me. Such a close client/dealer relationship has many subtle perks (like getting BMW Distribution approval for Individual color combo in <24 hours).
You make a good point on the loyalty aspect. I have leased and bought my BMWs from the same dealer but I looked around for a price on the individual package. The price I quoted is from a dealer I never used.

As a matter of fact the financing dept of the dealer I regularly use said if I get an extended warranty they will take 50% off the cost (I will do a 5 year deal). This dealer will typically sell me the cars at a good price and through in mats, etc. The first time with my 330 cic I haggled over price but going forward its been a handshake and the negotiated price is done relatively quickly.

I struggled with what I was doing because I valued the relationship (but I also wanted to know what was out there).