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Originally Posted by Marousen View Post
Thank you guys for your answers ! E90M3CDFR Im kind of exempt from having to make the European modification.
J'ai vu que tu étais français peux-tu me conseiller un bon centre BMW habitué à traiter avec des voitures Americaines en france ou Suisse ?
Désolée, je ne suis pas français, seulement un "expat". Mais je étude la langue franç je m’amuse bien en France.

Re your question: of the 3 different BMW centres I have worked with in France, all have been pretty bad at working with US-spec cars because there are so few--my comparison is to Germany and the Benelux. The best one I have found so far is the main centre in Paris; and especially the one that is in Velizy-Jacoubay, not far from Versailles. It is a new centre that is the biggest BMW dealer I have ever been in. An amazing facility by any measure with some nice classic BMW's to look at while waiting for an appointment. They even have the possibility of drive in appointments on Saturday (incroyable, n'est pas?) for minor services like oil changes etc.

That said, be prepared to have to argue with any French BMW centre about servicing your car unless you have diplomatic/military purchased car, which is eligible to be serviced by any BMW centre anywhere in the world. You will find that many BMW centres will turn you away because of an edict from BMW France that US-spec cars (non-diplomatic) are not to be serviced. This is to stop people from importing the cars from the US and homologating them to EU/French specs.

Even if you can get the service, you'll still find that they don't know how to do programming of the car (like alarm installs, or updates to iDrive) without several visits and consultations with Munich.

Incidentally, import/homologaiton of US-vehicles must be a decent business (esp with the current euro-dollar rate) because in my garage there is a guy who does this for a living and he has two spots in the garage that he uses to park some of his excess stock. He has a nice turnover, with Bentleys, Porsches, Cadillacs, Infinitis, name it.

If you like, I'll get you the name/tel# of the service guy here that I work with and is the best one I've found so far.