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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Let's keep it simple this time. Your opinon doesn't constitute an established problem by BMW. I gave you two ways out. You chose neither. Case closed.

While the SAE corrections are complicated formulae, how they are applied are not. You simply take the UNCORRECTED value, and multiply it by the correction factor. An uncorrected value when measured above 60 degrees farenheit will get larger once multiplied by the CF. An uncorrected value when measured below 60 degrees farenheit will get smaller once multiplied by the CF. Seriously, this is 3rd grade math. Quit accusing people of cheating dyno charts if you can't offer proof by way of examples or simple 3rd grade math.

You think you understand this, and you tell me that you just want to correct the record. But in order to do so, you need to know what you're talking about. This is one case where you are as far off as you could possibly be. You're doing harm to your benefactor. You need to stop this now.
Case closed? I'm sorry, but your opinion does not constitute that a problem has not been established. Hands on experience clearly shows the cooler is not enough. People who own the actual cars have had issues. You have a 6MT, you do not have hands on experience. The part number is clearly the same, it is the same cooler as the manual. This is a fact, case is definitely closed in this respect as you refuse to acknowledge that a manual tranny cooler is not enough for a DCT that will be run on the track.

Proof? The proof is that ESS posted the higher chart not the lower chart. Proof is the second chart having lower numbers. Are you just honestly going to sit around and ignore this? How are you disregarding that of the two charts posted the uncorrected chart has much higher peak numbers?

Does it really matter that during a blizzard the math may favor one over the other? We are talking about what actually has taken place.

ESS just admitted their standard kit will be in the 510 wheel range, polar opposite from 630 wheel. If they do not want to brag why post the uncorrected inflated numbers?

I'm sure I'll have a ban shortly for not following your "options" We know how that goes, opinions can only go one way and do not disagree.

I don't respond particularly well to having things dictated to me just because I am not one of the sheep. I disagree with your assessment, vehemently, and I think you can apply what you have stated to your support of ESS.