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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
This thead is a poll. It is not about you. The concensus of the respondants is to measure using all of the above: 1/4 mile, mexico, canyon, 60-130. I'm offering a solution that takes all of those into account (except canyons) and is much more real-world than ANY of the means used to measure any of the demanded measurements. Like I said, show me next time you roll up to a light in your DR's and burn out the tires before it turns green.
No, you are offering a solution that best caters to you because you have not been able to post any noteworthy numbers in the 1/4 mile or 60-130. You are hoping the mile will now finally be the answer. Like I said, you don't need to do a burnout to run a high trap speed which would be reflected in the real world, not on the dyno. I would like to see ESS apply something other than on the dyno.

How is the mile more real world than the 1/4 mile or 1/8 mile? You won't see how you are hooking up, no 60 foot. You won't see your 1/8 mile, no idea how you will do under 100 mph. You won't see your 1/4 or have an ET.

The Mile makes absolutely no sense for those looking for performance on the street especially considering you damn well better have the proper tires for a top end run. Additionally, aerodynamics start playing a huge factor. If you are racing the point your Cd is affecting the outcome, sounds like you need to stop as you are going to kill someone.

You cannot do this legally, and not with minimum risk to innocent bystanders. I've always said I want legal and scientifically valid results. Drag races give you a 12-second window of 80+ % driver ability, and 20% car ability. Sorry, that's not the least bit impressive to me.
Drag races give you a 12 second window of 80% driver ability and 20% car? Hehe, what? This does not make sense and I have never even heard anything like that. If you have a poor ET, you should still have a trap that shows the power which is not 80% dependent on driver ability. Who calculated that anyway?

Double standard. You don't have DR's and do burn outs at a stop light before racing the guy next to you. It's really that simple. Show me what that beast will do in the REAL WORLD, and show me in a scientific and SAFE environment.
Hmmm, well, the drag strip is not a scientific and SAFE environment? You don't have to do a burn out and you don't have to run drag radials to have real world performance. You do have to run drag radials to get 1.8 and under 60 foots, stock power or not.

Basically, one crowd is older and more mature and puts less importance in things like street-light racing, and the other crowd is very young and prefers to drag race. I prefer to set my sights higher, much higher. As Mike Matusow said in the World Series of Poker a few years ago: "kiddie games...down the hall." That's how I feel about 1/4 mile drag racing...and that's why I'm intrigued by the Mojave and Texas Mile.
Basically, one crowd is slower I don't think street-light racing is what it is about. Actually, maturity is shown by keeping it on the strip or the track and not on the street. The issue you have with 1/4 mile drag racing is that it seems you will not be able to compete in this venue. If you want to do the mile, that is your business, but there is no reason a car can't do both. Additionally, many members that are older understand that a slip means far more than a dyno. It has nothing do with maturity but with reality.

I'm really not sure where this impression of lackluster performance has stemmed from. It certainly hasn't been taken from any of the press reviews. It hasn't been taken from any of the non-owners who have driven the car and posted their driving impressions. Certainly not by Forum Wars -- because those results aren't yet known to the public. Certainly not by 1/4 mile drag times, because none exist. So what does that leave? Bootleg videos of street races and 60-130MPH runs on the freeways with traffic? HA! I'll settle for any 60-130 runs you can show me by other 6MT's. Eugene is the only other 6MT 60-130 run that I know of. He posted 12.66, and I was 11.05. But somehow 11.05 is lackluster compared to the 12.66. That's what you call lackluster?
Press reviews and driving impressions are not the same as performance numbers. I'm sure many people love the feel, but many have been disappointed with the performance posted thus far. So the stroker posted 11.05? And DCT's with bolt on's are in the 10's? Yes, I would call that lackluster especially considering SC'd cars in the single digits 12.66 to 11.05 is really rather minute, I would expect sub 10.

If the point is to test the car and not the driver, then you're absolutely right I prefer the mile. You guys who piss and moan about stroker performance want it to prove itself. So when the opportunity comes along for it to do exactly that...prove ITSELF instead of the driver...then it's somehow insignificant to you. That's the self-definition of a double standard.
No, you created this standard for yourself now. The 1/4 mile does both, as even if you launch poorly the power will show through the traps. You can accomplish both, but the mile will show off more than the motor, such as the gearing and how well BMW did in the wind tunnel. Performance beyond 130 is just not something people will see regularly. Regardless, I would expect someone serious to post numbers in every venue.

Since burn outs aren't allowed at the Mojave Mile, and you prefer real world testing, I'm really surprised you're not all over this and immediately agreeing to the challenge and opportunity. 1/4 mile drag racing is as far from real world testing as it can get. Once again, it's the same double standard.
Burnouts are not allowed at the Mojave airport? Texas allows it, what a shame. Something about scuffing up the tarmac I would imagine? What is the challenge exactly? It is far more challenging to go 10's than run the mile as several factors need to work in concert. Anyone can run top end.

Again and again, we get back to a comparison of stroker vs. SC that's never been made or even alleged by anybody owning the stroker. There's really no point in this comparison, and it's very sad that the SC guys feel the need to regularly bring it up. I only care what my car will do on a given day in a controlled and safe environment.
I think a comparison between the SC and stroker is going to be very important to anyone willing to spend 10's of thousands of dollars and should be done. This is a comparison that must be made to get a complete picture, but I agree no stroker owner has sought this comparison and I do not think this would solely establish one as better than the other for everyone, different strokes for different folks

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