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Originally Posted by Brahmzy View Post
Haha at the glowing muffler. Are you kidding me? It's NOT glowing y'all. It's a canister style muffler and the light is hitting it perfectly to shine it up, particularly due to the HIDs of the M6.

Geez, think of exactly how hot things would have to be for a muffler to glow. DP's? Yes. Headers? Yes. A muffler 8 feet away, um, NO. His whole bumper would have melted off long ago.
I agree I've taken reading off modified Porsche turbo's which have direct turbo to exhaust/ muffler set ups. At its highest the turbo read 1200 F the cat read 600 before, and 300 after.

By the time the exhaust gets to the muffler can there's no way it's going to make it glow, also for reference this turbo was running 1.5 bar compared to the civic running .9

1.0 bar = 15psi

man I miss working on Porsches sometimes...
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