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Tires for trip to Maine from CT

OK, I'm a newbie when it comes to BMWs and New England weather. I want to take my '02 M3 to downeast Maine for a week. I love to drive it on the open road. That's 12-14 hours to go and come back. I won't have to drive much while there. I plan on going through Boston and might get off the beaten path. I can sorta plan my return around decent weather if i must.
Back here, near the coast, I have several cars to choose from to drive. I used to drive my RX-7 R1 from Dallas to Taos to ski on all season tires without much of an issue. Perhaps I was lucky. I've got the Michelin Pilot Sports and I can hardly get around my driveway if there is any snow. They won't do...

I don't think I will go through another winter with this car. I'm not enamored with the SMG.
What's my cheapest/best way out for this winter?

Look at that S car go! Before the M3...