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Red face Thoughts On Buying Used/CPO M3?

my first car was a brand new 335i and it was a blast. ordered it new waited the gruesome 4 weeks and took delivery. nothing beats ordering a new car and knowing you're the first owner. my lease ended last month (december) and i am on the market for a new car.

looking at the recent facelift but from from the initial looks of the e92 facelift it seems the m3 will just be getting the rear led lights. ill keep checking for official pictures as they have not been posted yet.

anyway what are your thoughts on a used or CPO m3 with dct (i only want dct)? honestly i have this uneasy feeling about buying it used/CPOed from the abuse, launch control, etc not knowing the previous owner how it was taken car of etc.

new m3 with options i want will cost me about $63k (about invoice+options). used 09 low mile is like $55k so to keep math simple there is a $10k difference.

i will be financing and keeping the car. of course i want to order new but buying used and just swapping out the led rear lights sounds much better deal.

only problem is the paranoia im having of buying a used/cpo m3 w/ dct and the abuse, launch, control, etc...

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