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mobile devices

Here are some of the fines for using your mobile device while driving you car in California. Most only applies when not using a hands free kit. I drive every day and I am sick of people on the phone or texting while driving. This should also be done here maybe people would learn. I am just venting because just today I almost got rear ended from a moron on his phone. My car has been hibernating most of the winter but today it was 50 degrees out so I figured what the hell lets stretch its legs. Almost a big mistake.

VC 23123(A) $148
Drive using
phone not
hands free,
First offense
------------ --------------
VC 23123(A) $256
Drive using
wireless phone
not hands free,
For each
------------ --------------
VC 23123.5(A) $148
Drive while
device to
send, read
or write text.
------------ --------------
VC 23124(B) $148
Minor drive
using wireless
------------ --------------
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