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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I'm not saying the new M3 won't have a CF roof. I think the odds are likely it will. However, black trim and a black antenna are hardly good evidence at all of a disguised (painted) CF roof. Have there been any sightings at all of an M3 mule with an unquestionable CF roof. I don't remember.
You're quite demanding, aren't you?
If you look at that thread you can see the black mule on the right side of the article where you can see a CF roof. The article states it's a CSL which is unlikely.
Furthermore show these pictures load tests with a car that has the same kind of disguise (painted roof and a black roof ledge); these load tests are to test the rigidity of the CF roof.

As I said is the question, what's the deal with the M3 prototypes that have a sunroof? Are both options available or did BMW decide for one solution?

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