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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Just read that the new ISF easily avoids the Gas Guzzler Tax due to excellent gas mileage (partly due to their new 8-speed tranny). I have the feeling the new M3 will have a hefty gas guzzler tax on it (just look at the M5). Yet another couple of $K adding to the final price.
So an automatic tranny get better mileage than a manual?? The opposite is true. It must be something about a strange shift program or shutting down cylinders or something of the sort. Seems like BMW could implement something on SMG to do the same. Maybe starting in 2nd (1st will be very short) then skipping to 4th. I would definitely like to avoid the GG tax. Any idea what it will cost on the new M3 (same as M5, how much is that?).