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Arrow DIY: Aftermarket Exhaust Heat Shield Installation - Difficulty: Easy

There was a discussion about aftermarket exhaust piping not having the OEM heat shield which could lead to premature wear on the rear right and rear left CV boots as well as the differential. (Thread is here: Heat Shield Options for Aftermarket Exhausts Thread"

This picture borrowed from golemite is an example of how close the exhaust pipes are to the CV boots and differential. (Hope you don't mind golemite for borrowing the illustration)

Here's another perpsective:

So for peace of mind and to protect my CV boots and differential, I found an relatively inexpensive and easy to install heat shield. There are other products that Thermotec sells that can also be used to protect the CV boots and differential so you might want to see what works. I know others have ceramic coated their pipes and others have installed heat wraps. I just found this to be the easiest solution.

Parts Necessary:

1. 2 x Thermotec Clamp-On Heat Shield 1 Ft. Length, 4" Clamps- Part Number 11604 (Thermotec Weblink). It would have been better if i had ordered without 4" clamps because although their clamps are high quality Breeze Aeroseal Clamps, they were too large in diameter for my Vanguard Exhaust.

2. 6 x 2.25 Inch Stainless Steel Hose Clamps (this is the diameter of my Vanguard Exhaust, so the actual diameter may be different for your exhaust pipes) from Autozone. This is probably overboard, but I wanted to get Breeze Autoseal Military Spec Clamps but couldn't find any vendor nearby with it.

Tools Necessary:

1. Screwdriver or Electric Screw Driver to simplify installation when under the car.

2. Gloves *Optional if Exhaust is Hot

3. Jack and 2 Jackstands or Ramps to allow for easier access to the exhaust system.

Here is a picture of all the parts/tools that I used:


1. Jack up the rear end of car and set on Jackstands or Put the car on ramps

2. Prepare the Heat Shield by sliding the 3 clamps through the metal tabs but loosen ends of clamps so that they are disconnected from each other.

3. Install Left and Right Heat Shields by sliding the 3 sets of clamps around the exhaust sections that is right underneath the CV boots and differential.

4. Screw and Secure all 6 Clamps in a direction ensuring easy accessibility in the future.

Another angle of left side:

(This is only one side but you get the picture)

5. Check to make sure that all 6 clamps are tightly secured and then You are Done!

6. (Optional) Drive around for a few days and do a quick inspection on all 6 clamps to insure that they are secure

Hope this helps those who aren't too mechanically inclined. Just wanted to help out those who might not know about the heat shields. I know there are others who have posted similar pictures, but I wanted to put this in the DIY section for those who might not easily find it and want a easy to follow procedure.

Online Site to Buy This From:

If you guys want to pick up these online, I found a reliable place, they aren't super fast but I got them for a cheap price.

Here's the link to the one with clamps for $21.89:

Here's the link to the one without clamps for $20.49:

I have no affiliation with this company. I just saw that they ship for free and they have one of the lowest prices on the web for this!

I had to pick up two, but I guess paying about $41 is worth the peace of mind.

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