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Originally Posted by gb007 View Post
Wait a second....two of you mentioned new tags and received your new tags mean the blue, red, and white mural New DEFAULT Texas tags right?

I have high hopes on these black plates.

And spicolio24,
I hear ya. I'm just not a big fan of BIGM3 or FASTM3 on my tags. I like the black design but don't need a catch phrase. All personal preference. In my last SL500 I had personalized plates on it and looked more like a douchebag with personalized Then again, the car had a lot to do with that!

If the phrase was right it would probably be cool.

See ya!
Yea I have that crap mural lp on my SUV and I want to put it in a texas museum with all the other ridiculous cattle prongs and stuff. BLAH!

But my idea for my personal plate ********PATENTED BY ME********* If you take it I will find you and make your life hell.... "M3ANIE"

aw crap now that i look at it ... it looks like meanie but it also looks like m3 anie! SHIT.