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Originally Posted by Schumacher View Post
Honestly, this Cadillac is the CTS*1.5. Show me a single difference between them on the front and rear.

I think the 5 Series follows this but to a much lesser extent. This is just hopeless.
1) All of the lines are swoopier, look at the grill & headlight comparison pictures above.
2) The CTS also doesn't have the upper character line.
3) The C pillar is stretched on this car.
4) The exhausts are integrated here.
5) The trunk is not as angular.
6) The mirrors here are completely different.
7) CTS has bigger fender flares

That's just at a quick glance, but does that satisfy your single difference?

And I want you nay sayers saying BMW's don't have similar design language to view this thread:

Read two posts in.
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