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Originally Posted by all8up View Post
Thanks man. I just luv cars, figured I'd give MB a shot.

Doh, I stand corrected. I thought for sure since the IS350 had the seats, the ISF would as well. Either way, definitely a nice alternative to the M3 and C63. My car gets a pathetic 15mpg around town and 21 or so on the hwy. Additionally, the ISF has the best stereo out of the 3 (including the premium sound on the M3) and to many in this segment is not important, but I figured I'd point it out.

The car looks better in person and it has definitely grown on me.
LOL! We "thought we'd give MB a shot to" Hasn't worked out so well thus far. Our ML has had several minor electrical issues and CEL's. Ironically, I had tried to buy a GL instead of the new X5 (which hasn't hasn't been any better....see the X5 forum ) but we couldn't get one in a reasonable amount of time.

Instead I tried to convince the wife to get a C63 instead. I though 2 super sedans and an SUV would work out nicely.....but she figured the opposite would be true.... Fairly obvious who won that discussion.

Anyways, nice to see someone that is open minded enough to try different vehicles regardless of the badge on the hood.