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Originally Posted by Definitive View Post
Why will it be 11 months? Ive seen that a few times and dont get why that would be?
The track closes down every year from late October to mid February. Starting mid February, the track gets very very busy and the climate in that area gets increasingly warm. The entire month of March is booked-out every year for the "March-Madness" events (not even one test n tune day is available let alone a private rental). Then in April they run their yearly tournaments but at least they do have a test-n-tune event taking place.... but the temps by then are already in the high 80s and low 90s. From mid May to end of September, the temps at the track average between 95 F to 105 F with a DA close to 3000 ft!!!! In October, temps begin to drop again but still not optimal, and then the track closes down for the public in November and that where we come in again.... basically to take advantage of the track at its coolest time

Originally Posted by Splinter4784 View Post
Wont there be a sacramento rental?
Because Sacramento is a 7+ hour drive for most SoCal guys, it's very hard to get enough people to do a full private rental. Also, even Sacramento in the summer is much warmer than it is in the winter so going for "optimal" and record-breaking runs become very difficult. To answer your question, we may attempt a mini-rental....

What is different about Sacramento is that their regular test-n-tune only sees 30 cars or so, which makes it ideal event to practice as opposed to 300 to 400 cars at Famoso or Fontana where you get 3 to 4 runs in an 8 hour span (assuming of course, no one breaks down).
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