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Originally Posted by JDy80 View Post
God damn, I would've went Charles Bronson on them. You would think people would get the hint that popping the lock on bmw's doesn't work that well. Just reaffirms that I won't ever go back there. I'll get my Auntie Annie's pretzels elsewhere.
My best advice I learned from this was the following. When parking at GSP (or any mall) I always park my car in the first space on the outer "race track" that goes around the mall. Always with the drivers side door exposed to the traffic. This provides no cover for a thief to try to pry your door open. Remember these guys aren't interested in being caught or getting into a hide speed chase. They wont try breaking into your car if they feel the risk of being spotted is high. GSP has done a better job with security and the Paramus PD have seemed to step up patrols a little better. However they did find the time to issue me a summons for no front plate back during MDW 09